The 3 Best ChatGPT Plugins To Market Your Business

The 3 Best ChatGPT Plugins To Market Your Business

If you’ve been following our adventure into AI content creation, you’ll recall our recent rave about why business owners should invest in ChatGPT Plus. One of the reasons we mentioned being so obsessed was our favorite ChatGPT Plus feature: plugins. And for good reason!

There is a plugin for everything! From content extraction to video creation, plugins amplify the capabilities of ChatGPT, making it an indispensable tool for marketers.

There are HUNDREDS of plugins out there, so figuring out which is best for your business can be a monumental task. Especially if you’re a beginner. With that in mind, we decided to share the 3 best ChatGPT Plugins that every business owner starting their AI journey needs to be aware of!  Let’s dive into some of the best ChatGPT plugins that have caught our eye!

First, You Gotta Know How To Install ChatGPT Plugins

We mentioned before that we first touched on plugins in our ChatGPT Plus blog. So, of course, you’ll have to get a ChatGPT Plus subscription to access them.  But once that’s out of the way, you can easily enable the plugin feature by navigating to your account settings and activating the “Plugins” option under the Beta features section. 

How to toggle plugins in ChatGPT

With this activated, the ChatGPT plugin mode becomes accessible, allowing you to explore the plugin store. Here, you can browse, select, and install your desired plugins. 

While the system permits the installation of multiple plugins, only three can be active simultaneously. You can easily manage your active plugins, toggling them on or off as needed directly from the dropdown menu.

You’ll know it’s working pretty quickly. Whenever ChatGPT responds using a specific plugin, a note appears above the response, indicating the plugin’s involvement. And then you’re ready to rock and roll! 

Screenshot, how to tell that plugins are working in ChatGPT

Let’s dive into some of the BEST ChatGPT Plugins we’ve found for marketing.

WebPilot: Trends, Analysis, and Research – Oh MY!

The internet, the world wide web, ChatGPT with Internet Access

The vast pool of information that ChatGPT pulls its data from is outdated. The cut-off date was September 2021 – which, this time last year, was a little frustrating but workable. By now, however,  the information it has access to is ancient regarding social media best practices and marketing trends. Our industry is a changing amorphous blob of secrets, suggestions, and directions – outdated information can kill your ability to strategize successfully. 

That’s why we recommend WebPilot! ChatGPT had a WebBrowsing Feature, but they removed it. Luckily, WebPilot pulls information from web pages and provides sources quickly and succinctly. More importantly, it can pull site information in the same chat you’re creating content or building a strategy!

This plugin allows for intuitive web navigation, content extraction, and interaction. Whether it’s market research, competitor analysis, or trend spotting, WebPilot will enable you to ask questions about recent events and look at trends within your industry. Making it one of the best tools we have in our arsenal.

Link Reader: Editing, Training, and Extracting Key Info

Computer with magnifying glass, LinkReader, taking a deeper look at internet content with ChatGPT

We don’t even know where to start with Link Reader. Want to train ChatGPT on a particular topic or tone quickly? You can do just that if you’ve got a link to a page about it. Want to review a blog or article you wrote for typos that tools like Grammarly can miss? If you did it on Google Docs, you can share your document with ChatGPT, and it’ll thoroughly review your project and point out mistakes. 

Installing LinkReader allows ChatGPT to dive into specific web pages or documents you provide, extracting and precisely translating text. This is the key difference between it and Webpilot. Webpilot browses and pulls information from the internet. LinkReader will focus its attention on whatever you want it to look at.

Regarding content creation and marketing for your business, this means no more manual content sifting. Link Reader does the heavy lifting, giving you insights at your fingertips.

 This ChatGPT plugin allows users to summarize, translate, and analyze the contents of web pages, PDF documents, PowerPoint presentations, images, and other linked resources. It can also generate reading time estimates and create read-later lists. As long as you have an open link, LinkReader can view it and pull information from it as needed. You should be aware of one shortcoming: websites containing private user information, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, have purposely made it impossible for bots such as ChatGPT to go in and scrub their site for data. This is great because it means that our private information is protected, and at this time, someone can’t use ChatGPt to look at all your Facebook posts. This also means that using it to gain insights into your Social Media content is a bit harder. You’ll want to get a human being to help with that!

Show Notes: Distilling Podcasts Into Actionable Information

A pair of Headphones sitting on a book

There is one big thing that LinkReader and Webpilot can’t do – and that’s listen to a podcast or summarize the content of a YouTube video. But believe it or not, there is a tool that can do precisely that! It’s called Shownotes!

Podcasts and Video Essays can be incredible sources of incredible information, and in today’s fast-paced world, business owners often find themselves juggling multiple tasks at once. With podcasts becoming a popular medium for gaining insights, staying updated, and learning new strategies, the challenge lies in efficiently consuming this content. 

Enter the Shownotes ChatGPT plugin. This tool is designed to transform lengthy podcasts and videos into concise summaries, allowing users to quickly grasp an episode’s essence. But it’s not just about brevity; Shownotes goes further by pinpointing specific information, highlighting key points, and, yes, even helping you create content based on the recording. Want to cite a particular quote from a podcast in your blog? Throw the link into ChatGPT, and ask it to pull the exact quote!

using shownotes, ChatGPT plugin

For marketers and business owners, this plugin is a game-changer. It lets you get critical takeaways, notes, and even quotes from videos and podcasts in seconds. Moreover, the ability to find specific information means that if you’re interested in a particular topic or segment, Shownotes can guide you right to it, complete with timestamps. 

This efficiency can be invaluable for those looking to stay ahead in the business world, ensuring they get the most out of every podcast they tune into.

 Simple as typing a command. Imagine the possibilities: product demos, tutorials, or even witty brand stories, all crafted with the ease of ChatGPT.

The Next Step in Your Marketing Journey

long road with marketing signs, marketing journey, next steps

So here we are, folks! We’ve shared 3 Plugins that can make your content creation more efficient and diverse,  but there are so many ways to utilize ChatGPT for your business. It’s a lot to digest on your own, so much that it can feel almost impossible to wrap your head around. And, of course, Artificial Intelligence is only as powerful as the Human Training behind it.

All of that being said: if you’re unsure what you’re doing with ChatGPT and are feeling in over your head, you’re in excellent company!  Many of the businesses we’ve worked with haven’t got a clue how to approach the new AI technology that’s fallen into our laps!

That’s why we offer one-on-one strategy and execution sessions designed to give businesses a leg-up on their marketing and take their business to the next level! Feel free to reach out and learn how to make the most of your AI Marketing experience!

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