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Your Questions Answered: On Which Social Network Should You Share Content Most Frequently?

It seems like everywhere I turn these days, I’m faced with the age-old question of content marketing: on which social network should you share content most frequently?

It’s no surprise, really. Social media networks change algorithms and share settings all of the time, so what might have been a killer way to share content last year might not work as well in 2021. 

That’s why I want to break down social media, platform by platform, and explain what it does, who it serves best (aka your demographics), and then we’ll talk about what might be the best social media strategy for your small business.


The Five Reigning Social Media Networks

What I’m about to say may shock you. There’s no one-size-fits-all correct answer for social media marketing for every business. There are best practices, of course, but there’s no secret magic formula for going viral overnight or raking in tons of sales with your first post about your eCommerce business. It’s ain’t going to happen, friend. 

But that doesn’t mean we throw caution and intention to the wind regarding social media. Here’s what you need to know most when tackling the question of on which social network should you share content most frequently?



It feels like Facebook is a free-for-all. You’ve got ads in your face, videos from a band you forgot you followed ten years ago, your kid’s latest school project, and that outspoken uncle who won’t keep his opinions to himself. 

But for your business, Facebook is like a digital marketing Swiss Army Knife. It can do a little bit of everything to build brand awareness and encourage customer rapport. 

On Facebook, you can post videos, host private groups to build community, display link previews to make your website extra inviting, share memes that show your brand’s personality, create polls to find out what people want, send messages for customer support, and much much more. 

I view Facebook as a bit of a shopping mall. You can get just about anything you want there, and your content strategy should follow suit. 



Twitter has been and always will be the newsroom of the social media world. No matter what kind of features they add (I’m looking at you now-defunct Fleets), the platform thrives on short, quippy text-based content and tweets threaded together to tell a story.

Users on Twitter are there to get information quick. And they are more likely to throw out a product recommendation when prompted by someone they follow (or air out dirty laundry if a company did them wrong). That’s why you see so many customer support accounts, sports fans and news anchors online all the time.

Twitter is one of the lesser priorities when it comes to your social media strategy unless you choose to tweet from a figurehead on behalf of your company. This works extremely well because it builds trust with followers and makes your brand more approachable and grounded.



The golden child of millennial social media is Instagram. Hands-down. Once an image app, this social media platform connected users to each other and allowed them to visualize what life would look like if they had the next big trend. Plus, celebrities. Instagram created a way for fans and celebrities to connect almost directly, other than tabloids and entertainment magazines (not to mention, celebrities were now in charge of the story they told). 

So what about now? Instagram has shifted to a content creation platform for celebrities, influencers, brands and more. In fact, they released a statement recently saying that they were no longer a photo platform (that’s big from an app that uses a camera as its icon!). 

This means as a brand, you need to let your creativity shine on Instagram. You don’t need to post every day, but you do need to create value via entertainment or education. 

Explore Reels and IGTV to create an enjoyable experience for your audience that teaches them something or keeps them excited to see what’s next. 

One caveat here: You don’t need to post every day to any social media network, but all of the platforms reward consistency. There’s no one correct answer to how often to post, but just don’t forget to post for weeks at a time!


If we were handing out social media superlatives, TikTok would get Most Popular. It’s the primary form of entertainment for Gen Z, and there’s a whole subculture of TikTok houses where influencers live and produce content for the app. I’m telling you, it’s wild.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t work for your business. And it’s worth considering as you consider which social platforms you should share content on frequently. 

Like Instagram, TikTok requires creativity because it only hosts short-form video content. Now, don’t let the dancing videos scare you. You don’t have to dance to have a successful strategy. Personally, I love Social Media Examiner’s breakdown on the subject because I have teens who are mortified if I even mention the app.

But the one takeaway I want you to know about TikTok is you don’t have to copy other brands to see success. You know your niche (especially if you’ve put in the work in understanding your ideal client avatar), and you know what makes your brand special. It’s just a matter of time before you go viral.



Last but not least, we have LinkedIn. Even today, LinkedIn makes me feel like I need to put on a blazer and uncomfortable shoes. But it’s got incredible potential for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer brands to build connections and demonstrate social proof. 

However, your strategy needs to make sense for your business. I’m just not quite sure the justification is there to spend time on LinkedIn if your goal is to boost eCommerce sales of jewelry. On the other hand, LinkedIn loves information, so developing a strategy and posting schedule around sharing information and data. 

So…. On Which Social Network Should You Share Content Most Frequently?

As you can see, it really depends, which is the world’s worst answer when it comes to wanting to make a difference in marketing your business. If you’re ready to hand off the social strategy to someone else (or have someone create amazing, drool-worthy content on your behalf), schedule a call with Team SizzleForce. We eat, sleep and breathe social media, and we’d love to help your brand show up in the social feeds of people who want and need your product or service! 

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