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6 Ways AI-Generated Text Hurts You

AI-Generated text is everywhere these days. ChatGPT (among other AI writing tools) is everywhere.  And we’ve heard a lot of things said about the wonders of AI content.

“Just type a prompt in ChatGPT, and it’ll give you EXACTLY what you want!”

“It’s so much easier and faster than regular content creation! It requires zero skill!”

And our personal favorite: 

“No one will ever be able to tell that AI wrote it!”

Except we can. The hard truth is…

If you’re doing it wrong, EVERYONE can tell you’re using AI. 

The result? Confused customers and lower conversion rates. So today, we’re going to talk about how to detect AI-generated text and ensure that it’s not super obvious you’re using it.

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4 Identical Robots In a Row
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Attention! (All Your Hooks Sound the Same)



Hey there!

Screenshot of ChatGPT

Call-outs and greetings can be great.  They ensure that the person reading, watching, or listening to your content immediately feels engaged. The problem is that ChatGPT relies heavily on this tactic – to the point where almost every hook is generic. 

Folks, you can only say “Attention!” a few times before people start to get annoyed. 

Our advice? Rewrite your hook to be tangible, engaging, and persuasive, and don’t rely on the same tactics repeatedly. Present your audience with something new and exciting!

You’ve Lost Your Crunch

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Biting into new content should feel like biting into a fresh apple. You break through the skin and sink your teeth into something juicy, exciting, and delicious. But crunch requires specificity and nuance. It’s how a well-worded paragraph carries you forward into the next thought. 

ChatGPT has a habit of announcing what it’s doing without nuance. For example, we used the word “quirky” when describing the target audience, and it proceeded to use the word “quirky” in its response. It took our “quirky” request way too literally. 

If your piece is lacking crunch – look at the way thoughts and ideas connect. AI will add “in conclusion” when you ask it to write a conclusion. If you tell it the person it’s writing to is a quirky and fun college student, it will use the word quirky while addressing them.

If you want to address your audience using something like, “Hello, fun and quirky college student!” then we won’t argue. But if not, look for those little things that ruin the fun and kill the flow, and use your magic to turn them into something great!

Contradictions – But Not in a Clever Way

Contradictions can be clever and compelling. But not if they’re left unaddressed. 

Screenshot of ChatGPT

In this post – ChatGPT describes wedding dresses using words like “finest fabrics “ and then says they’re great for people on a budget.


Make it make sense! Are your dresses both luxurious and affordable? Now you’ve got a great selling point. Use human intelligence to turn a contradiction into a creative juxtaposition. 

Who Are You Talking To?

Adorable and confused robot phone unsure of who it’s speaking to.
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Hey [Female Business Ownever Over 40]. What’s up, ladies and CEOs? 

There’s kind of a catch-22 that happens when you try to train ChatGPT to a specific audience. If you give ChatGPT a customer demographic, it’ll address that demographic in an obvious way (no crunch). Still, if you don’t provide it with that information, you’re left with bland copy written to a vague audience.

If you’ve got a well-defined customer avatar, the solution is simple! You can provide ChatGPT with that avatar’s personality, fears, dreams, etc. That will go a long way toward adding a sense of specificity to your content. 

Nobody Has Time for This!

A Robot Clock Who’s Run out of Time
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Let’s take a moment to talk about what “good copy” should be. It’s compelling and concise. We really can’t emphasize that second word enough. 

ChatGPT isn’t concise…

Screenshot of ChatGPT

Even after providing multiple training prompts and the email content we needed a subject line for, the best ChatGPT could give us was this:

“Invest in Yourself: Build the Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of with My Financial Coaching”

It’s too long (like most ChatGPT responses), too generic (seriously, who is this for?), and, let’s be honest, this subject line is a soggy apple from the back of the fridge. No crunch

Sometimes we build off of what ChatGPT has given us.  In this case, though, we abandoned ChatGPT’s premise entirely and went with our gut. 

“Forget NFTs….THIS is the best investment you can make”.

Sometimes you need to know when to work with what you’re given and when to toss it all to the side and think outside of the box!

“Billy Mays Here-”

The Billy Mays of Robo-Marketing
SRC: Midjourney

With a strong writing prompt, you can convince ChatGPT to get specific and adopt the medium and style you need.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to call it a day.

When we were reviewing these results, we couldn’t shake the feeling that the whole thing gave off a “Billy Mays” vibe.  If that’s what you’re going for – great! But if not, it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

The prompt we gave to ChatGPT here is super specific, and we’re not saying that everything it spat out was terrible. Some of this is usable – we loved the use of the word “innovated” and how it talked about streamlining the onboarding process. But applying human intelligence is taking all the techniques and nuances we’ve discussed to create a product description that really sings! 

Standing Out in a Noisy Room

5 Robots standing in a row; one robot stands out from the rest.
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We’re fans of how ChatGPT has saved us time and energy in our own content creation by providing us with AI-Generated text and allowing us to focus on refining our content instead. But it’s that final step–refining and applying human intelligence–that is crucial

The world of digital marketing is no longer a space where the person with the most content wins–especially now, with this new frontier of ChatGPT and other AI tools. That content has to be high quality, engaging, interesting, and attractive to your niche. And now, with the technology we have on hand, many people have figured out the secret to doing both. How? By implementing AI to create automation wherever they can!

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