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Way back in 2009, our CEO, Stephanie Nivinskus, pursued her dream to help small businesses gain a competitive edge using the skills she learned when she worked in with big brands in corporate America, including Cox Communications, the NFL, Quiksilver, and Starbucks.

Today, SizzleForce is a marketing powerhouse that provides strategic planning, content marketing, AI consulting and CMO services for mission-driven, scaling companies! To learn more about how each of our team members bring a special flavor of sizzle to our clients, click on the headshots below. 

Stephanie Nivinskus CEO, Fractional CMO, and Certified AI Marketing Consultant

Stephanie Nivinskus

CEO, Fractional CMO, and Certified AI Marketing Consultant

Amanda Jones Strategic Planning Director

Amanda Jones

Strategic Planning Director

Leanne King Content Marketer and Certified AI Marketing Strategy & Execution Specialist

Leanne King

Content Marketer and Certified AI Marketing Strategist

Samantha Felix Client Success Specialist

Samantha Felix

Client Success Specialist

Stefanie Cosman Content & Conversion Strategist and Certified AI Marketing Strategy & Execution Specialist

Stefanie Cosman

Content & Conversion Strategist and Certified AI Marketing Strategist

Amy Gray Photographer and Graphic Designer

Amy Gray

Photographer & Graphic Designer

Stanley Vice President of Snacks


Vice President of Snacks

Lucy Lovebug Vice President of Happiness


Vice President of Happiness

Molly Vice President of Work Life Balance


Vice President of Work/Life Balance

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Stephanie Nivinskus

Chief Executive Officer
Superpower: Sizzling Storytelling

Sizzlin’ Fun Fact

Stephanie can turn anything into a business opportunity and everyone into an entrepreneur in seconds. Don’t believe us? Send her a note with your best idea. If she can’t wow you with a way to make money with it, your next coffee is on us.


Everyone’s got a story to tell, and Stephanie knows how to tell them. Since 1995, she’s helped thousands of business owners, big and small, transform their mission and vision into strategic marketing plans, compelling brand stories and meaningful marketing messages that humanize commerce, maximize opportunities and win customers.

The international #1 bestselling author of Absolutely Unforgettable: The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Creating A Heart-Centered Brand That Stands Out In A Noisy World, Stephanie is well-respected in the marketing industry. She has written for Forbes and Entrepreneur and shared the stage with some of the world’s most renowned marketing and business growth experts, including Les Brown, Jasmine Star, and Suzy Batiz at Digital Marketer events as well as at countless business-building conferences including Level Up Live, The Copywriter Club IRL, and more.

“I love watching people’s faces light up when they see the marketing materials we’ve created for them for the first time. They stand a little taller and smile a lot bigger. It’s an honor to share that moment of transformation with them.”

Achievements & Awards

  • Certified AI Marketing Consultant
  • AI Persona Method Certified
  • AI Marketing Bootcamp Graduate
  • Certified Partner with Digital Marketer
  • Certified StoryBrand Guide
  • WBENC Certified
  • Platinum Supplier in WBENC
  • Certified SBA WOSB
  • Certified Content Marketing Specialist with Digital Marketer
  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, San Diego State University (1995)
  • NAWBO 2018 BRAVO! Woman Business Owner Of The Year Award nominee

Amanda Jones

Strategic Planning Director
Super Power: Enhanced Chaos Coordination

Sizzlin’ Fun Fact
Amanda has lost count of how many times she’s been asked to “clone” herself while in the office. And she finally figured out how to do just that — she asked her twin sister, Samantha, to join the team in 2020. And you thought we were joking when we said she could make any problem disappear.


Best known for her unparalleled ability to make problems disappear, Amanda is the SizzleForce Fixer. Whether she’s helping clients or her colleagues, she approaches every conversation with a level-head and a heart for service that keeps us all on task and working together towards a common goal. 

Amanda developed her marketing and project management skills through hands-on experience at SizzleForce. Seeing what worked and what didn’t in real-time cultivated her critical eye for details and marketing messages, which she uses daily to field client questions and copy-edit our latest big idea.

“Our clients are doing things that make a difference for their clients and knowing that I get to play a role in getting their message out there is really cool.”

Achievements & Awards:

  • Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist (Digital Marketer)

Leanne King

Content Marketer
Super Power: Transmutation: Turning Cool Ideas into Even Cooler Content

Sizzlin’ Fun Fact

Leanne is an actress as well as a writer, and one of her most cherished performances was getting an opportunity to play Captain Hook in a production of Peter Pan. Thanks to her theatrical training, she also does accents and can cry on cue (but would prefer not to, thanks). She’s also a D&D nerd to her core.


Let’s get this out of the way; Leanne is not a fan of writing about herself. She much prefers writing about others! With a background in theater and dialogue writing, Leanne has a special talent for capturing an audience’s attention while being hyper-aware of a brand’s voice. Good copy is, to her, a complex potion made of dialogue, poetry, visual art, psychology, and computer science. Luckily, these are some of her favorite subjects!

In addition to her love of storytelling, Leanne adores problem-solving. It is that problem-solving drive that makes her copy functional as well as entertaining. Whether it’s writing copy for your website, social media pages, a blog post, an email campaign, or a neat little lead magnet, Leanne excels at creating valuable content that draws eyeballs.

Every brand is a character with a unique personality: my job is to capture that personality, communicate its message and make people want more! Knowing that something I’ve written is helping a client while providing value to the readers is definitely the most satisfying part of my day!”

Achievements & Awards

  • Certified AI Marketing Strategy & Execution Specialist
  • B.F.A. Theater 
  • Copywriting Mastery Certification
  • Marketing Mastery Certification
  • SEO Certified

Samantha Felix

Client Success Specialist
Super Power: Office Shapeshifter

Sizzlin’ Fun Fact

Samantha has a keen ability to juggle countless balls at work while ensuring her children maintain their premier membership status at their local emergency room due to frequent visits.


Samantha’s strengths lie in her ability to face challenges head-on and figure them out. Day in and day out, she uses her creativity and quick thinking to make life easier for both her colleagues and our client roster.

Whether she’s editing video, testing out new technologies or providing technical support, Samantha effortlessly transitions from task to task behind-the-scenes to keep SizzleForce moving in the right direction.

“I love that no two days are the same in our line of work, which allows me to bring my creativity to the table to get things done.”


Stefanie Cosman

Content & Conversion Specialist
Super Power: Fluent in Google Analytics

Sizzlin’ Fun Fact

Stefanie’s background includes theme park design. She loved the “Blue Sky” process where artists, writers, and tech geniuses all worked together to make sure that no disasters of a “Jurassic Park” level occurred. Because nobody likes when the dinosaurs eat the tourists.


Stefanie is happiest when science and art blend, and she especially loves it when that kind of magic happens in marketing. She loves nothing more than when a beautifully written sentence not only makes a reader swoon, but makes Google’s algorithm soar. As a Content Marketer at SizzleForce, her heart’s desire is to write copy that doesn’t just sound pretty, it also gets ranked.

Her background is in public relations and project management, primarily in the entertainment industry. Because of her love of storytelling, Stefanie hates nothing more than boring copywriting. Need to make the most mundane topic sound interesting? She loves a challenge.

“Every brand has a unique story to share. It’s in the telling that the magic happens.”

Achievements & Awards

  • Certified AI Marketing Strategy & Execution Specialist
  • Certified Google UX Design Professional
  • B.A., English
  • Telly Award, “Destination Conservation”
  • Certified Content Marketing Specialist
  • Certified Search Marketing Specialist