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5 Reasons Why Authentic Marketing Works

I often hear people say marketing feels kind of “yucky” to them.

This makes my heart hurt. Quite frankly, marketing efforts should never be “yucky.” So why do so many people think they are?

Here are my two cents: Any marketing strategy can feel yucky when it’s inauthentic or when it goes against your core values. Let’s consider the facts.

Fact: You’re selling a great product or service.

Fact: There’s a reason you chose to do what you do instead of becoming an astronaut or doing something else that’s totally unrelated.

Fact: Something in your heart about what you sell that makes you wake up, excited to go to work and share it with the world.

This is your heart, your core belief, and this is where the magic lives. To get away from that yucky marketing thing you simply need to start marketing authentically. The benefits to doing so are countless. Just look at some of YOUR favorite companies you shop from because you feel a connection with them.

Heart-centered, genuine brands know that when you market authentically, you:

  1. Break down the walls between your company and your prospective customers
  2. Craft a personal element, building trust and credibility
  3. Strengthen and build a loyal customer base
  4. Become memorable
  5. Generate more referrals

Because people do business with people they know, trust and like. Modern consumers can smell a fake sales pitch from a mile away. But authenticity is magnetic. Believe it or not, people will actually pay more for what you sell if you are unapologetically you in all of your marketing activities!

It’s time to step out of fear. To stop pretending to be somebody that you’re not. It’s time to be YOU and to market authentically. You’ve got something wonderful to share that the world wants to know more about. Why are you keeping it a secret?

Move over icky marketing feeling. Authenticity is in the house! It’s time to get out there and start making some real connections.

Need help being your most authentic self while marketing your business? It isn’t always easy. That’s why the team at SizzleForce Marketing is here to help! Schedule a call for your free 30-minute consultation.

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