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The 25 Best Black Friday Deals For Business Owners In 2019

Whether you’re looking for a last-minute tax write off, a little treat for yourself, or gifts for your most valuable clients, this list of the best Black Friday deals for business owners in 2019 has what you need. Some are things you can buy, and some are things you can get for free! All are things I’ve personally vetted, because I only like to recommend products and services that I truly believe in. And truth be told, I’m asked to push other people’s products all the time. These are the select few that made the cut.

This is the ultimate list. The only list you need. Without further ado, I present to you the best Black Friday deals for business owners in 2019.

Do yourself a favor and check it out while you’re killing time at the airport, waiting for the turkey to roast, or trying to avoid that awkward conversation with Uncle Harry at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

The Best Black Friday Deals For Business Owners In 2019

Gifts For Clients Or Staff:
  • Caramel Sampler Tin 32 oz. from The Choke Cherry Tree – $39.95. Who doesn’t love old-fashioned caramels? This “please all” gift includes a handwritten card that will surely make you stand out from a sea of gifts your clients will receive with a typed message from Amazon.
  • Yin Yang Holiday Wine 2 Bottle Gift Set – $45. This gift makes it easy to uncork, sit back and relax. And we all need to do a little bit more relaxing this time of year, right? This gift includes 2 wines that offer a nice variety for the palate and pair nicely with traditional holiday meals.
  • CatTongue Grips – Use code SIZZLE to get 30% off retail prices. CatTongue Grips provide a layer of gription to your phone, laptop, tablet, or case; virtually anything on which you need to get a grip. Because slip happens.
Last-Minute Tax Write-Offs/Products, Services, And Treats For You:
  • Personal Brand Creation Session – $100. Once you fill out the sign-up form, respond to your confirmation email and mention SizzleForce (or Stephanie) to take advantage of the discount! Do you want to look like one of those people you see on stage? The ones who always look confident, successful, and sophisticated? You need to create your personal brand.
  • How to Make Professional Videos with Your Phone – $27. We all know video marketing is hot, hot, hot! But professional production can be very expensive. This course will teach you how to create videos with your phone that grab your audience’s attention and make them listen to what you have to offer.
  • The Perfectly Planned Day Strategy – $147. Want to become more productive and profitable? This tool helps you plan, organize, structure, and schedule your business and personal life. Reduce overwhelm and get the systems you need to scale successfully.
  • Level Up Live – $297. Join me at the best business owner event of the year. I go to this every single January—this will be my 8th year! Complete a customized business blueprint for the entire year of 2020, which includes product development, marketing, sales, systems, hiring, team building, mindset, and more. This is a do-not-miss event that sells out every year.
  • Marketing Solved – Starting at $9. Take control of your business growth with these popular programs that help you generate more revenue in your business on a daily basis.
  • SizzleForce Marketing Club – $90 for the first 3 months. Get 2 hours of live marketing support with me, Stephanie, every month. PLUS, access to 20 proven, DIY marketing trainings with accompanying worksheets that will help you clearly and confidently share your message with the world.
  • AppSumo. 10 of the most ridiculously awesome and affordable software solutions you can find anywhere. These are the tools you use every day to grow your business, and it will be next to impossible for you to find them for less $$ anywhere else.
  • Tailwind – $15 credit. Massively increase traffic to your website from Pinterest and Instagram with this social media scheduling tool that gets real results in less time.
  • Gusto – Once you sign up and run your first payroll, you’ll get a $200 Amazon gift card. Make running your business easier. Do payroll in minutes, get benefits for everyone on your team, access certified HR experts, ensure you’re in full compliance with the law, and so much more!
  • TASSI – $47/month. Simplify your social media management and eliminate all of the confusion that goes along with it.
  • Book: Absolutely Unforgettable: The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Creating A Heart-Centered Brand And Standing Out In A Noisy World – $14.95. Explore what the world’s most memorable brands do differently and learn you how to avoid the biggest marketing mistake most small business owners make, identify what makes you different from, and better than your competitors, and craft two absolutely unforgettable brand stories that will captivate your ideal clients.

Full disclosure: When you buy these goodies, there’s something in it for me too. I will either get a commission, a free product, or a hug from a good friend that I helped out. Rest assured, I mean it when I say I’ve only included products and services that I have personally vetted.

Like all good things, the best Black Friday deals for business owners in 2019 absolutely will not last. Some of them are good for 24 hours, others are good through Cyber Monday. You’ll have to click the links and read the fine print to get the details. All I know is, this isn’t something you want to allow dust to gather on in your inbox.

Happy Shopping!

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