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15 Game Changing Ideas Every Entrepreneur Can Appreciate

Conferences. Sometimes they’re miserable. Sometimes they rock your world. Most times they hover somewhere in between. But not the one I just returned home from. This one definitely fell in the “rock your world” category. Let me tell you why.

More than 500 entrepreneurial change-makers attended the Blastoff Business Breakthrough with Allison Maslan this past weekend in San Diego. It was three power-packed days filled with inspiration, strategizing, networking, a lot of laughter and maybe an hour or two of sleep.

Four riveting keynote speakers showered us with their wisdom, including:

  • Kendra Scott, who started her company in 2002 with a newborn and $500 and grew it into a retail giant with 40 stores nationwide and 1000 employees
  • Michael Bernoff, the President and Founder of the Human Communications Institute and a persuasion and influence expert
  • Nicholas Kusmich, creator of The Art Of Lead Generation and known as the World’s Leading Facebook Advertising Strategist
  • And of course, Allison Maslan, who has made millions building 10 companies from the ground up

Photo Credit: Debbie Lefever

I was looking over my list of “aha moments” today and I couldn’t help but wonder what everyone else was marinating on. After all, when you’re in back-to-back sessions all day every day for 3 days straight, there comes a time when your brain starts to slow down and absorb less. That’s why I decided to reach out to some of the other attendees and ask what struck them.

Here are 15 of the game-changing ideas shared from the stage that the attendees simply cannot stop thinking about:

“Creative perfectionism is a trap! Just get out there and learn as you go.” –Infinity Swaim, The Infinity Shift

“It is crucial, not optional, for entrepreneurs to have a source (or multiple sources) for passive income.” –Barbara Maisonet, Barbara Maisonet Life & Business Coaching

“We play small inside our comfort zone, but it’s outside our comfort zone where the magic happens.” –Katherine Sullivan, Marketing Solved

“Stepping outside your comfort zone, while it can be scary and uncomfortable, is the best and fastest way to experience rapid growth.” –Jaime Geffner, Geffner Productions

Stephanie Nivinskus (left), Jaime Geffner (center) and Katherine Sullivan (right)

“Make decisions from where you want to be, not where you are now.” –Maria Anthar, Organized By Maria

“Always say ‘yes’ to every request to help. It always, always comes back to you.” –Diane Forster, I Have Today

” When talking with your clients or prospects, the 5 most powerful words in the English language are ‘I understand how you feel.'” –Melissa Lagowski Big Buzz Idea Group

“Even though you may be super uncomfortable with video and online marketing, you absolutely have to go in that direction.” –Marianne Martin, Real Life Portraits

“Turn your testimonials into Facebook ads.” –Eva & Lisa, Moms Helping Moms

“Learning is for losers. Implementation is for winners.” –Tara Jarvis, Kefi Coaching

“It’s time to focus & get cracking! Life is too short to put off your great success any longer!” — Linda Blue, Linda Blue Photography

“I can make my problems my moment of impact and allow it to catapult me to where I know I am supposed to be.” –Kim Laney, Kloset Kandy

“We are not salespeople, we are influencers!” –Diane Kelley, Sandbrook Benefits Group

“You need to celebrate your wins more.” — JuliAnn Stitick, JuliAnn Stitick

“It is selfish to play small- when you play big, you have no idea whose life can change as a result.” –Gila Kurtz, Dog Is Good

Were you at this event?  Did you attend a different conference recently and come home with something different that really made you think? If so, tell us what your biggest takeaways were in the comments.

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