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4 Ways Copywriting Can Build Your Brand Authority

If you’re like most people, there are some companies you’ll simply never go without again. They’ve struck a chord… made their mark… and by golly, they just get you.

We LURVE companies like this, don’t we?

They make us feel connected and heard; appreciated and catered to; like more than just another transaction number on a receipt or invoice.

THESE are the companies you want to not just do business with, but also emulate in our own business. And you can. While attention to detail and fabulous customer service is often a major factor of craveable businesses, it’s also about the messaging they put forth—and that is all thanks to some stellar copywriting.

Oh yea, we’re going there.


Powerful copy is essential for authentic branding that reaches, speaks to and converts your customers and clients. Don’t think the words in your marketing and on your website—or even the 1-4 words that make up your ‘call to action’  buttons—matter?

Great! We love a good challenge.

Read on and we’ll give you FOUR undeniable ways your business will kick its branding up a notch for the authority and loyalty you want… and it all starts with the copy.

Resonate With Your Audience

In the marketing world there’s a little thing called the “know, love, and trust factor” that most branding experts agree is the best way to truly connect with your target audience. It makes sense: when people feel as though they know (and subsequently come to like and trust) the person—or people—behind a brand, they’re more likely, and quicker, to click ‘buy now’. 

How your copy is written can help you go beyond the normal fluffy messaging many companies put forth, instead diving into language and pain points that deeply connect with your target audience. As a business owner, the first half of your job is to understand the physiological side of your customers or clients—and then build authentic language that resonates from there.

Keep the Conversations Going

Copy doesn’t start and stop with your marketing. Copy—and its very close-knit cousin, content—writing pertains to #AllTheWords spread across your company. From emails to sales pages to website content to social copy to blogs and beyond, where there are words, there is an opportunity to make a positive impact on your audience.

And most importantly, keep the conversation going—with your brand at the center of it all.

Copywriters can help craft engaging emails, informative blogs, and creative social media copy that:

  1. Continues to build the “Know, Love and Trust Factor”
  2. Positions your company as the experts you are
  3. Creates shareable content that can help your business go from slow-moving to unstoppable

Now you may be asking yourself, “can’t I just write this myself?”

In case Justin’s face didn’t say it loud and clear, the answer is YES… yes, you can—BUT WILL YOU? That’s the real question.

If you just so happen to possess the awesomesauce skills of being both an incredible business owner AND copywriter, then more power to you. But let us play Devil’s Advocate here for a moment.

  • So you can write captivating and emotionally-triggering copy… but do you have the time to actually get it done?
  • And if you realize you actually don’t have that much time in your schedule to set aside for writing copy… are you ready to settle for on-the-fly captions, blogs, and emails that you haven’t had time to think through—or edit? That’s what happens when you write copy “just to get it done.”

Think about your limitations before deciding to take on or outsource your copywriting. Remember, there are many ways to spark conversations about your company when you take the time to plan out and write quality content.

And your brand is counting on it.

Improve Consistency In Your Messaging

Within the same vein of having the time to strategize your copy and content, having someone that is specifically tasked with copywriting can help your company’s messaging stay on-brand and consistent from start to finish.

A common pitfall of companies that wing their own copy is starting out strong, passionate copy after a stroke of genius moment… only to have the copy fall flat or lose consistency over time. Or worse, having multiple writers on the same projects can cause a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde marketing style—can you say confusion?

Increase Loyalty

Whether you’re tackling your copy on your own or outsourcing to a copywriter (like our wam-bam team at SizzleForce), once you’ve achieved the above—resonating with your audience, creating content that sparks conversations and crafting consistent marketing messages—you will then attain the ultimate award: CUSTOMER LOYALTY.

And that’s where the people who will never drink Pepsi over Coca-Cola come from.

The “Apple Always” techies that refuse to go Droid.

And, well, let’s just say a certain coffee chain will always be #1 in the hearts of millions.

For these companies, their values, voice, and messaging are clear as day. Guess who you can thank for that? Their copywriters.

Are you ready to add the kind of Sizzle your company needs to improve your branding and woo your audience? If you want to empower your in-house team to write your copy, grab our Brand Blueprint to give them a huge headstart!

Don’t think you have the time or energy to devote to sizzlin’ copy yourself? Let’s chat about how the SizzleForce Strategic Copywriting Team can support you. You’re in good hands now!

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