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If the “Final Count-Down” started playing in your head after reading that title, then you’re in the right headspace! We hope you’re picturing screaming fans, and airhorns as we present to you our 

Top 5 Best of the Best 2022 Content SHOWDOWN

One of the things we love most at SizzleForce Marketing is the connection we have with our clients, fans, and yay-sayers. As a team of marketers, writers, designers, and total goofballs we work hard to share content that is creative, compelling, and matters to you.

We’re always appreciative of your feedback, and love to learn, so we sat down and looked at all the content we’ve provided this year as well as all the feedback we’ve received and were so happy to find 5 stand-out pieces that our audience found exciting, educational or just plain entertaining! 

So with that in mind:



#5 Who was more excited for WBENC, you or us?!

SizzleForce Marketing Booth at WBENC

It’s a tie, apparently! 

Remember when we went to Atalanta for WBENC Conference in June? We do! This was such an incredible experience for us as a currently all-woman team.  If you’re not in the know, WBENC is the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, and every year they have a conference that empowers, educates, and inspires women business owners from all over. 

This year, we shared a picture of our booth on Facebook and were happy to see it become our most popular Facebook Post of 2022!

WBENC’s conference was educational, heartwarming, and inspiring. We can’t wait to go back next year!

#4 Anna Delvey Instagram Hacks That You Loved! (And we loved writing!)

SizzleForce Marketing Blog - Anna Delvey’s Instagram Growth Hacks…

We were thrilled by the positive feedback we received on our Anna Delvey blog! We were also floored to find out that it is our most popular blog of the year! 

Writing this piece felt like walking on a tightrope. On one hand, we found Anna fascinating. On the other, she isn’t exactly a role model that we wanted to shower with praise.  But we’re always looking for ways we can learn and grow as marketers to better serve our clients and share with our fans. And to our delight, it was well-received! 

#3 Influencer Box Strategies!

SizzleForce Marketing Blog Cover Image- Influencer showing off products from businesses.

Equally exciting was the praise and attention our Influencer Box Strategies blog has received. While this blog has been out for a while, it received a ton of reads and feedback this year.

This blog was designed to help small businesses better understand how to make the most of influencers and if influencer marketing was right for them. We explained how to send out samples to influencers and utilize the incredible service that influencers provide to both businesses and customers by showcasing products and giving genuine advice and opinions.

More than anything, helping businesses succeed is SizzleForce Marketing’s number one priority. The fact that hundreds of people have read and were helped by this blog warms our hearts.

#2 Solid Life Advice on LinkedIn

Our CMO and favorite human, Stephanie, shared a beautiful post about a difficult decision she made at the end of 2021: to say No to work and say Yes to her family

A screenshot of Stephanie’s most popular LinkedIn post of 2022

Stephanie is one of the most dedicated, hard-working, and selfless people you’ll ever meet. She gives in every part of her life: to her team, to her work, to her clients, and to her family.

We were touched by her personal and heartfelt post about stepping away from work to enjoy the thing that matters most. This honesty impacted her team, and it seems like it also impacted her LinkedIn followers! We were delighted to see that this was our most popular LinkedIn post of 2022!


Are you ready for this…

…because we weren’t. 

#1 When Steph Got Covid and Needed Jesus

The pandemic has been a painful and difficult journey for many. Everyone’s life has been touched by it in some way shape or form over the past 2-years. Early last year, Stephanie contracted Covid and was dealing with some serious brain fog, and erm….well…things got wacky.

A screenshot of an Instagram reel featuring Stephanie, CEO of SizzleForce Marketing, being cradled in Jesus’ arms.

My mind is like an internet browser, I’ve got 19 tabs, 3 of them are frozen and I don’t know where the music is coming from.”

Those are the words that blare out of speakers as Stephanie is clutched in the arms of the only person who might have helped her overcome the brain fog. Brain fog sucks, but it, like, seriously sucks when you’re trying to write content or come up with creative strategies.  

But apparently, we don’t have to tell you that! This post has thousands of likes and reactions and shares and we were absolutely floored (and elated by) the volume of reactions we gained. 

Instagram has spoken: our most popular content wasn’t an advice blog, a heartfelt message, or a shared experience. It was a fever dream. 

Did we learn something today?

It wouldn’t be a SizzleForce Marketing blog without addressing what we learned as marketers from this experience. For one, social media is an unpredictable animal. For another, we learned that we love our followers and cannot wait to see how you react to what we’ve got planned for next year.

If you’re trying to market your business but feel as though you’ve hit a wall, we’d love to hear from you. As well as creating hilarious Instagram reels, we’re a fractional CMO and we live to help business owners achieve their dreams and grow their businesses! If you’d like to learn more, schedule a call today to find out what SizzleForce Marketing can do for you!

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Leanne King

Digital Marketing Strategist & AI Content Specialist
Super Power: Transmutation: Turning Cool Ideas into Even Cooler Content

Sizzlin’ Fun Fact

Leanne is an actress as well as a writer, and one of her most cherished performances was getting an opportunity to play Captain Hook in a production of Peter Pan. Thanks to her theatrical training, she also does accents and can cry on cue (but would prefer not to, thanks). She’s also a D&D nerd to her core.


Let’s get this out of the way; Leanne is not a fan of writing about herself. She much prefers writing about others! With a background in theater and dialogue writing, Leanne has a special talent for capturing an audience’s attention while being hyper-aware of a brand’s voice. Good copy is, to her, a complex potion made of dialogue, poetry, visual art, psychology, and computer science. Luckily, these are some of her favorite subjects!

In addition to her love of storytelling, Leanne adores problem-solving. It is that problem-solving drive that makes her copy functional as well as entertaining. Whether it’s writing copy for your website, social media pages, a blog post, an email campaign, or a neat little lead magnet, Leanne excels at creating valuable content that draws eyeballs.

Every brand is a character with a unique personality: my job is to capture that personality, communicate its message and make people want more! Knowing that something I’ve written is helping a client while providing value to the readers is definitely the most satisfying part of my day!”


  • Generative AI
  • Copywriting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Social Media
  • Graphic Design

Achievements & Awards

  • Certified AI Marketing Strategy & Execution Specialist
  • B.F.A. Theater 
  • Copywriting Mastery Certification
  • Marketing Mastery Certification
  • SEO Certified