If you google “AI Image Generation”, or “AI Generated Images”, you’ll get smacked with about a thousand tools, all claiming to be the one true tool. The tool will produce on-brand, beautiful images that make people want to invest in your products or services. 

But we’ve got our own opinion on that based on research and personal experience. We’ve looked at the 3 best AI Image Generator Tools available right now and broken down each one into categories of pricing, ease of use, and image quality.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Adobe Firefly: The Budget-Friendly Virtuoso

If you’re looking for an AI image generation tool that won’t break the bank and offers a user-friendly experience, Adobe Firefly might just be your go-to. But before you jump in, let’s dissect its ease of use, image quality, and pricing to see if it’s the right fit for you.

Ease of Use:  4 Stars

Designed to include text-to-image generation with text prompts as well as interactive tools, Firefly is a specialized tool that streamlines the creative process. Its intuitive interface allows even those unfamiliar with Adobe’s suite to dive right in, making brand-aligned image generation a breeze. The tool’s design eliminates the need for a steep learning curve, allowing you to focus on creativity rather than technicalities.

Image Quality:  3.5 Stars

Regarding image quality, Adobe Firefly is a bit of a paradox. On one hand, it offers decent quality that can serve most basic needs. On the other, it has a certain “uncanny valley” quality to the images it produces. It’s like a movie with great actors but just okay cinematography—you enjoy it, but you know it’s not Oscar material. Additionally, if you’re not a subscriber, be prepared for watermarks to make an unwelcome appearance on your images. Of course…when you look at the pricing, that’s not as big of a deal is it may sound.

Pricing: 5 Stars

At $5 a month, Firefly’s pricing is a steal. While it may not offer the highest image quality, it does provide peace of mind. Adobe ensures that artists are compensated for their work, making it an ethical choice for those concerned about the creators behind the images. 

DALL-E 2: The Enigmatic Artist (With a Sequel on the Horizon)

Because of its direct connection to ChatGPT and OpenAI as well as it’s willingness to work with stock image sites, we get more questions about Dall-E than any other image generator. If Adobe Firefly is your budget-friendly go-to, DALL-E is the enigmatic artist still honing its craft.

Developed by OpenAI, it’s a tool with room for growth in a competitive field. Let’s examine its current offerings and what we might expect soon.

Ease of Use:  3 Stars

DALL-E 2 is your go-to for quick and dirty image generation. It’s as simple as typing a prompt and hitting “Generate.” But let’s not ignore the elephant in the room: DALL-E 3 is slated for release next month. The real excitement lies in its promised ChatGPT+ integration, which could make it far more adept at understanding nuanced instructions—something that, let’s say, Midjourney could learn from.


Image quality is definitely this tool’s weakest link. DALL-E 2’s images often have that “first draft” feel—usable but not awe-inspiring. However, early previews of DALL-E 3 suggest a quantum leap in image quality. It’s like watching the trailer for a movie sequel and realizing they’ve tripled the special effects budget. The anticipation is palpable, and we can’t wait to see if DALL-E 3 lives up to the hype.

Pricing: 2.5 Stars

DALL-E 2’s “pay-as-you-need” model is a bit like a pop-up shop—accessible but ephemeral in its value. But here’s where the rubber meets the road: If DALL-E 3 comes bundled with a ChatGPT+ subscription, then we’re talking about a value proposition that’s hard to beat. It would turn DALL-E from a standalone tool into part of a comprehensive AI suite, making the subscription more than worth its weight in gold.

DALL-E 2 is a tool in transition, its present capabilities overshadowed by the tantalizing possibilities of its imminent successor, DALL-E 3.

When we look at image quality, it feels almost unfair to compare Adobe and Dall-E to Midjourney.   Let’s unpack what makes it a compelling choice, albeit with a steep learning curve.

Ease of Use: 1 Star

Midjourney is not for the faint of heart. It’s a labyrinthine playground of features, each more intricate than the last. And that complexity starts before you even generate an image. You have to get access to Discord, join the server, wade through hundreds of others generating messages, and type /subscribe to find their subscription page and get to a point where you don’t have to fight to determine which image on the screen is the one you asked for. 

If your eyes started to cross, remember that we haven’t even started talking about image generation yet. Just how to get to a point where you have your own private chat with the Midjourne Bot. 

The interface isn’t intuitive unless you’re someone who’s comfortable with computers and has an understanding of how bots and Discord work. 

BUT! Here’s why it’s worth it…

Image Quality: 5 Stars

If you’ve read any of our blogs or attended any of our webinars…you know we’re Midjourney fans. It’s surprisingly high-resolution images that are nothing short of stunning. And then there are all those buttons and widgets you see above which act as features that allow for greater customization.

The ‘pan’ feature lets you extend your image in any direction, essentially allowing you to create expansive visual narratives. The ‘remix’ feature alters the prompt as you expand the image, adding layers of complexity and nuance. For Pro users, the ‘repeat’ and ‘permutations’ options are the pièce de résistance, allowing for a smorgasbord of up to 64 images and 40 prompt combinations in one go. 

Pricing: 4 Stars

Midjourney’s pricing starts a $10 a month. And honestly, that’s enough to get some incredible images. Whether you’re coming up with images for your next blog or in need of capturing a vision to share with a professional photographer and graphic designer, if you can overcome the learning curve Midjourney is definitely worth it. At least until Dall-E 3 comes out. 

AI Tools for Every Occasion

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