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5+ Social Media Post Ideas For Your Business (Using Content You Already Have!)

Coming up with social media post ideas for business sales and promotion can be TOUGH. And TIRING. Writing blog posts and emails can be even worse. 

Take these statistics just for example. Did you know that the vast majority of people spend more than 1 hour writing a blog post? In fact, a mind-boggling 19% spend more than 6 hours on a single blog article, according to Statista. 

And between editing and re-recording, podcasts take even longer. 

We feel tired just READING these stats. 

So you have created amazing content that you spent oodles of time on–whether it be a blog, a podcast, your new book, or a product or service–odds are, you REALLY want to get the word out about it!

But it can start to feel repetitive to say the same thing over and over again. You can reorganize the words over and over again for each social network, but it is still going to sound the same. 

“We talk about such-and-such topic on this week’s blog!”

“Have you read our blog about such-and-such topic yet?”

“Such-and-such topic is such a fascinating thing to talk about! Have you listened to our podcast about it yet?”

Reorganizing your words to convey the same idea over and over again is not going to inspire clicks. Worse, it is going to bore your audience–which is something you should avoid at all costs. 

But coming up with creative ways of saying the same thing over and over again isn’t easy. And it takes a lot of time. 

Well, you are in luck. Because here at SizzleForce we are ALL about SAVING you time when it comes to social media marketing strategies. We’re about to make it easier for you using the handy-dandy example of an imaginary guide we never wrote (but could have in an alternate retail-mattress marketer’s universe!) about how amazing mattresses are and all the many, many benefits one can enjoy from using the right mattress. 

How could you post about a mattress blog you wrote not ONCE… not TWICE… but an incredible FIVE times without driving your audience nuts? 

We’ve got the tricks–and these social post ideas for your business are SO easy that we’re pretty sure you are going to want to use them right now. 

Sticky notes convey social media marketing graphs and stats as a concept image.

1. Highlight a key statistic (or 2, or 3! this tip can go a long way when it comes to writing social media posts). 

Choose the most interesting statistic you can and get the conversation started. Statistics tend to make people stop the scroll, especially if that statistic is interesting or surprising. Use one of your favorite key statistics from your blog to highlight what your article, podcast, blog, or book is about–and then include a link and invitation to read more!  

Made-Up Mattress Article Example: 

“Did you know that 30% of people say temperature (being too hot or too cold) is the main cause of discomfort from their mattress?”  

Airplane with banner states “Interesting statistics are social media gold.”

2. Highlight a specific pain point. 

This tip comes straight from the copywriting handbook. If you want your target audience to listen to anything you have to say, you have to give them a reason. And the easiest way to do so is to connect with their problem. 

So get in your ideal customer’s head and ask yourself–what is the problem you are solving for them? And get straight to the point with your social media post and why reading or listening to your content can help solve their problem. 

Made-Up Mattress Article Example: Insomnia leads to less energy during the day, and over time, and can permanently erode your health… but it doesn’t have to be this way. 

3. Ask a question that is tied into your blog post. 

Pink question mark on pink background.

Asking questions is a great way to connect with your audience–but not only does it get people thinking, it also gets them responding. And creating opportunities for your potential customers to engage with your brand is the best thing your social media feed could ask for. 

These questions can be just for fun–or they can provide a valuable opportunity for you to find out more information about your target audience’s needs and pain points. 

Made-Up Mattress Article Examples: Do you struggle with insomnia? OR Where would your dream bed be? Right on the beach, in the turret of a castle, in a treehouse… write in and tell us! 

4. Share your podcast or article headline. 

David Ogilvy, advertising icon extraordinaire, famously said that when you write your headline you have spent 80% of your dollar. There is good news with this. If your headline is written well enough (if it isn’t you need to go back and fix it, stat!) then you can usually use it as a social media post all by its little ‘ole lonesome self. 

Made-Up Mattress Article Example: 5 Ways The Right Mattress Will Cure Your Insomnia

5. Reel Them In With A Poll

Social media Yes No Maybe poll.

People sure love to share their opinion on things. Especially when those things are controversial like, you know…

Tacos or Sushi

Coffee or Tea

Or that most universal of all rivalries…

Cats or Dogs

If you don’t believe us, just check out what asking this simple question did to increase tips in one particularly intriguing social experiment

Not all questions can be quite as controversial–but it is best to stir up the teaming masses as much as possible. 

Made-Up Mattress Article Example:  Do you prefer a firm mattress or a soft mattress?

5+ Social Media Post Ideas For Business Growth & Awareness–Without Reinventing The Wheel

So there you have it. From one piece of content on the tantalizing topic of mattresses-we have come up with at least 5 different social posts to promote it–without sounding repetitive or having to use too much energy. In fact, we would say, these social posts can just about write themselves.

If you’re personally handling all your company’s marketing needs, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content that needs to be generated in order to grow your business. The good news is that you’re not alone. SizzleForce Marketing is here to help you with all your content marketing needs. Just schedule a call today for your free 30-minute consultation.

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