Instagrammable: Creating Insta-Worthy Brand Experiences

Instagrammable: How To Get People To Create Content FOR Your Brand, For FREE

Getting people to share your content on social media can feel harder than getting toddlers to share a tablet with Coco Melon playing on it (you’d probably have a better chance with the toddlers, honestly). 

To get people to share your content in a way that sheds positive light on your brand, you have to give them a reason. 

One easy way to do this? We hate to say it, but you can rely on that tried-and-true principle that works 100% of the time… 

Play on their vanity… their desire for their feed to ooze the kind of lifestyle that is, as the Millenials would put it, “on fleek.” 

There is nothing people love more than taking pictures of themselves having fun… and sharing them on social media. 

Tapping into this natural instinct works for your brand in a couple of ways: 

1. It inspires a sense of FOMO in others (they, too, want to try your gold-encrusted brownies); 

2. They trust that your product/experience is “worth it” because they heard about it from a trusted friend. 

But before we sound too negative or superficial about all of this selfie-action, let’s take a step back. The fact of the matter is, creating opportunities for people to share your brand on social isn’t a bad thing. In fact, creating memories can be an incredibly good thing. Especially when there is something genuinely communal about it–a bit of good news worth sharing in a world full of negative headlines. 

So how do you do it? Well, here are just a few real-world examples: 

1. Inspire them to capture once-in-a-lifetime, swoon-worthy moments–and share them. 

One of our clients, Michelle McFarland of The Wedding Shoppe, is a whole lot of fun–and it shows when you buy a wedding dress from her. Not only do you get your pick of thousands of dresses (and a champagne toast to top it all off). You also get to gather your friends and family that helped you dress shop to pose for a memorable pic with an even more memorable prop–a neon sign that beautifully announces you said “Yes!”  to the dress. 

Now tell me, really–who isn’t going to want to share THAT moment with their extended family and friends on social media?!?

But you can see this type of thing show up in all kinds of ways–from posing with your favorite Marvel character at a theme park to a branded poster just before a live concert event. In her dress shop, Michelle also includes a wedding gown that brides-to-be can sign for yet another fun (and Instagrammable!) photo opp!

What might capturing special moments for your customers look like for your brand? 

2. Inspire their creativity–and let them be in charge. 

As we recently detailed in the last Marketing Minute, Howard Johnson has found a brilliant way to get daily content created for their Instagram account–without hardly lifting a finger. 

How do they do it? They let one of their guests take over their social media feed for the day. Soon the lucky social media manager is given the keys to their Instagram account, filling it with happy pix from their day. Followers love getting the “real” experience from actual guests–and friends and family of that user are also likely to check out the content. As a friendly-family venue that is far more affordable than a Disney property–this is just brilliant marketing. 


Don’t be afraid to allow user-generated content–you will save money on your own social media activity, you are more likely to go viral, and you will have authentic, genuine content that is unique and entertaining.

3. Craft branded, Instagrammable experiences. 

Netflix has become a game-changer when it comes to crafting experiences. From their interactive retail experience mimicking scenes from Stranger Things to the Bridgerton Ball, where hopeful attendees had the chance to be declared the diamond of the season, people have been hashtagging their popular TV show-related experiences all over the ‘Gram. 

A snapshot of the Bridgerton Ball experience.

But while you may not have the budget of Netflix, you can find your own way to create memorable experiences that make people fall in love with your brand for EVER. Think outside the box here–from product sampling events to interactive parties; you can find your own brand’s creation that people will remember–and document–on social media. 

4. Say something meaningful.

Lean Cuisine is all about crafting health(ier) TV dinners. But they wanted to do something that didn’t focus quite so much on the whole “weight loss” thing. So what did they do instead?

Well, as The Advertising Research Foundation put it, “Lean Cuisine was losing relevance as diet quickly became another four-letter word. The result – five years of sales declines. The brand needed to pivot. And fast.”

LeanCuisine had an idea: they placed scales in Grand Central station and asked people to #weighin. But instead of giving them their weight in pounds, they asked–what do you actually want to be measured by? How many cupcakes you’ve made for the school bake sale? How many puppies or kitties you’ve fostered? Books written? Miles ran? Countries visited? 

The experience was branded, but that branding was understated. And this paid off for them. Reportedly, the #WeighThis campaign led to an estimated 33% increase in positive feelings about the brand. Not only that but, “The responses also reduced share of negative conversations around Lean Cuisine on social media to just 4%—a stark decrease from the previous year’s share of 25% negativity.

The takeaway here? If you are dealing with a negative perception of your brand, customer-created content is a powerful way to counteract that. 

5. Give them Insta-worthy details. 

Unboxing is a whole thing. And you shouldn’t ignore that. If your product is in any way the sort of thing that can be packaged in a remarkable way–do it. This doesn’t have to amount to adding more packaging (with eco-friendly brands on the rise, that can backfire) but being inventive in the details. Add a hashtag, note, or sketch to your packing printing–it can even be simple and understated, like this cashmere hat packaging from Petra Karthaus. 

Getting people to share your content on social media can often feel easier said than done–getting them to create content for you is a whole other ball of wax. But one thing we know for sure? To get people to share your content, you’ve got to give them a good enough reason to do so.

But the good news is, creating these Instagrammable opportunities can be easier than you think. So have fun with it–and watch the content pour in. 

Have these Instagrammable branded experience ideas inspired you to ramp up your own marketing game? If you are not sure where to start or where to put your energy when it comes to marketing, this free quiz can help. 

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