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How To Crush Marketing Overwhelm

Are you overwhelmed by the sheer number of things you feel like you have to do in order to be visible online? Do you feel like there are simply not enough hours in the day to manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and whatever else is out there? If you’re nodding your head, “yes,” this post is for you. I’m going to give you a marketing hack right now that will show you exactly how to crush marketing overwhelm.

If you’re an auditory learner (or you simply prefer watching videos vs. reading lengthy blog posts), click this video to watch a replay of the Facebook Live I did on this topic.

I have a delicious secret to share with you right now that’s going to show you exactly how to crush marketing overwhelm in a matter of minutes. Ready?

Facebook Live. It’s all about Facebook Live.

If you’re shaking your head the opposite direction now and thinking something along the lines of “no way, no how, next,” I beg you to stay with me. Seriously, once you hear this hack, you’re going to see why facing your Facebook Live fear head on, is one of the most powerful things you can do to grow your small business today.

Here’s why:

  • Facebook Live allows you to connect with your audience “in person,” or shall I say, as close to “in person” as possible without actually being in the same room.  Sure, you can connect with someone via Skype or you can go through the hassle of conducting a webinar, but why would you when Facebook makes it so easy to get in front of so many people so fast at any time of day, anywhere in the world? This game-changing tool is the ideal platform when your goal is to showcase your credibility and enhance your visibility, fast.
  • One Facebook Live can be repurposed into an entire week’s worth of content across all of your online channels. Did you catch that? Allow me to repeat:

“One Facebook Live can be repurposed into an entire week’s worth of content across all of your online channels.”

I know that second bullet point may seem a little hard to believe, but track with me. I’m going to explain.

I go live on my Facebook page every Friday at 12 PM (PST). I answer questions my prospects ask every day. Then, I save the footage Facebook captures and use it to create all of this:

  1. A blog post. This blog post that you’re reading right this very second was actually a product of the Facebook Live video embedded above. Once I saved it, I had it transcribed (you can have your VA do it or you can use an app like After it was transcribed, I read through it and edited out any unnecessary chatter that works in a live video, but doesn’t translate so well into a written post. When all was said and done, I had this: a  beautiful, long-form blog post that’s going to score me a lot of love from the Google search engines because it’s beefy–almost 1300 words! Don’t believe me? When you’re done reading this, go watch the video at the top of the post. You’ll find that it’s almost the exact same content, just not quite so articulate. But that’s okay–because in live videos, you can get away with things you simply cannot get away with in writing. By embedding the original video in this blog, I make my visual and auditory learners happy. And by including the content of the video in text form, I make my readers happy. It’s like a double-win.
  2. All of my social media posts – Once my blog is written, I can easily pull 5-10 nuggets out of it and, boom–I have all of the social media content I need for that week, and sometimes even more. No more stressing about what to post at the 11th hour. It’s done. All done. Everything I need for Facebook, P’interest, Instagram, Twitter, or even G+ (does anyone actually use G+anymore? I’m honestly not sure, but I still post there sometimes because it’s a Google thing. And I’m of the mindset that the more I do to please Google, the more Google will do to please me in the form of higher rankings. So there. But I digress.) These nuggets include tips, tricks, one liners, jokes, even promo posts for new products or services I mention in the live. No need to re-create. No need to spend another hour developing social media content. It’s done. All done. And the best part? Every social media nugget I pull out from the blog and publish on my social media platforms links back to the blog–driving more traffic back to my site, where people can learn more about my services, schedule appointments, join my email list and even make on-the-spot purchases. WINNING! 🙂
  3. A LinkedIn Article – LinkedIn has it’s own built-in blog platform. If you’re not taking advantage of it, you should, pronto. By posting directly on their platform, I get more visibility in front of my connections that I’m probably not seeing on Facebook or Pinterest or wherever else I hang out online, because LinkedIn attracts a different crowd.  Plus, sharing the post in my LinkedIn groups is easy, peazy, lemon squeezy. (As a side note, you may also want to know LinkedIn has finally jumped on the social media video bandwagon–more on that, here.)
  4. A YouTube video – Once I publish my Facebook Live videos, I download them to my computer, (open the video on a desktop, not on a mobile device > click on the three dots on the top right > click “download video.”)  Then, I throw it up on my YouTube Channel. Then, I optimize the you know what out of it by:
    1. including keywords in the title
    2. writing a compelling, keyword-optimized description
    3. adding as many relevant tags as possible
    4. throwing a link (or five) into the description box so people know where to go if they want more

Let’s review. Because I had the courage to overcome my fear of doing Facebook Live videos, I was able to:

– connect personally with my tribe, on demand, via the world’s most popular social network

– publish a new blog post

– generate a week’s worth of social media fodder

– create content I could spread far and wide on LinkedIn

– and capitalize on the massive power of YouTube with a brand new video

Are you picking up what I’m putting down? In the marketing world we call this “content syndication” and sometimes “content amplification.” The rest of the world has a simpler name for it: smart.

This has made managing my own content marketing efforts so much less stressful and time-consuming. I’m no longer overwhelmed trying to manage 12 different platforms. It’s allowed me more time to focus on what I love doing, which is working with my amazing clients. And really, this is just the beginning. I am absolutely, 100% convinced there is so much more that can be done with Facebook Lives.  I can say for certain, it has revolutionized the way I maintain my own online presence. I have put out 3 blogs in the past 3 weeks (including this one). Now, while that’s not much to write home about in most cases,  I admit, for a long, long time I was guilty of being the cobbler with no shoes–or the writer that rarely wrote anything for myself. But that’s all changed. This Facebook Live thing has shown me how to crush marketing overwhelm once and for all without losing my mind. And I swear, the world is a better place because of it. The sun shines brighter. The birds chirp louder. The fairies sprinkle more fairy dust. Life. Is. Good.

Try it. You’ll see.

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