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Get Your Strategic Planning To-Do List Done In A Day.

Yes! It’s possible to take massive marketing leaps in just one day when you have the right support. If your strategic planning to-do list is eating your soul, it’s time to get in the same (virtual) room with our expert marketing strategists who will help you get months of  strategic planning DONE in one day. Yes, really. The Get-It-Done Day™ service was born in the early days of Covid when our clients were making massive pivots and didn’t have the luxury of spending months working on new strategic plans. They needed plans they could put into action immediately. The Get-It-Done Day™ became the solution. And one of the services our clients rave about most.

You’re just one day away from…

Total Marketing Clarity

We’ll help you hone in on who you were born to serve, what makes them buy & where to find them & how to set your company apart from your competition. Then, we’ll develop your brand guide & create a 7-step process to routinely maximize opportunities.

Consistent, Predictable Growth

We’ll assess your marketing strengths & weaknesses, identify your #1 marketing priority, build your profit maximizer plan, build a tool to measure the metrics that matter & create a marketing calendar that drives growth.


The Get-It-Done Day™ Of Your Choice

If you have a unique set of marketing needs & need a custom strategic solution, please schedule an appointment with us to chat about it. We’d love to learn more about what you want to accomplish & create a Get-It-Done Day™ just for you.

What Our Client Mitra Said About Her Get-It-Done Day™:

“I feel very excited about where this is going to take our product.”

Dr. Mitra Ray

What Our Client Mike Said About His Get-It-Done Day™:

“About halfway through the first day I realized this had revolutionized my life.”

Mike Cook
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Ready to book a Get-It-Done Day™?

Get-It-Done Days™ are wildly popular! Since we only offer two of them each month and most of our clients book two days at a time, they sell out really fast. That said, please connect with us right away if you want to get on our calendar. We are only able to hold dates for 48 hours.

Unlike our done-for-you services, Get-It-Done Days™ require a significant amount of participation from you…sometimes just for a few hours…other times, for the entire day. In the interest of delighting you with Get-It-Done Day™ results you can brag about for years to come, and ensuring we’ll work well together, we require all first-time clients to schedule a get-to-know-you call with us prior to securing a Get-It-Done Day™ session.  

The investment for one Get-It-Done Day™ is $7,500. Your payment must be made in full at the time of booking.

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