To Write, Design & Publish Your Key

Marketing Assets in Just Two Days

Attract More Prospects | Gain A Competitive Edge | Convert More Leads Into Sales

Join Us At The Strategic Copywriting Crash Course

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This intimate, "get-it-done" workshop is limited to just 12 people.

(That's code for: You'll get A LOT of personal attention!)

Hey small business owner... Any of this sound familiar?

  • Your marketing efforts are falling flat, and you know they need an overhaul — yesterday — but trying to figure out where to start has your head spinning.
  • You're doing all the things you think you should be doing — social media, emails, ads, etc. — but clients aren't exactly beating down your door (or even gently knocking at the door).
  • Writing your own copy sounds easy enough — after all who knows your business better than you? But who has the time when you're busy running a rapidly growing business?
  • You keep hearing people say you need a lead magnet, sales page, tripwire... but you have no idea what they're talking about or why you should even care, much less how to create them.
  • Words? They don't exactly come flowing from your fingertips, do they? So they never get written... the projects never get done... the initiatives never get launched. #SadFace
  • You know hiring a professional copywriter would take a lot of pressure off your plate... but it's just not in the budget this year.

The Strategic Copywriting Crash Course Will Help You!

Before You Even Step Foot In The Room, We'll Equip You To:

  • Understand what makes your company UNIQUE and IN DEMAND, so you always know what to highlight when talking with prospective clients, investors or partners. Value: $300
  • Craft the most insightful ideal client avatar you've ever seen. Because if you don’t know the nitty gritty details that make your target market tick, how can you attract + convert them? (Hint: You can't.) If you think narrowing your market to women in San Diego ages 25-54 is good enough, think again--you're leaving big money on the table. We're going to fix that. Value: $300
  • Create your signature brand voice so you're always consistent and you never miss a chance to authentically communicate with your audience! (There's no need to be salesy and can be YOU and create a tribe that makes sales soar! We'll show you how!) Value: $300
  • Build a step-by-step strategic marketing plan so you know exactly how to attract qualified new leads and convert them into wildly loyal fans! Say goodbye to haphazard, ineffective marketing and hellllllo to marketing that works. #YesPlease Value: $300
  • Develop a comprehensive marketing calendar (So you’ll always know exactly when and how to market your business without the stress of on-the-fly copy creation!) Value: $500  

PLUS: You'll get a 2-hour, private, virtual strategy session with Stephanie before the event to dot your i's and cross your t's on all of your pre-work so you show up to the Crash Course ready to hit this baby out of the ballpark! Value: $750

During Our 2-Day Crash Course In San Diego, The SizzleForce Marketing Team Will Support You Every Step Of The Way As You...

  • Build your rockin’ lead magnet, otherwise known as your "ethical bribe." (This is the goodie that makes your ideal clients raise their hand and say, "YES! Please contact me! I want to know more!") Value: $1,500  
  • Write an uber-focused, on-brand landing page for your lead magnet that showcases the value of your lead magnet (and provides a fast and easy way for people to join your list!) Value: $525
  • Construct a short-form sales page for one low-priced offer. (This is how you transition "freebie hunters" into "paid customers" and cover some of your acquisition costs!) Value: $1250
  • Craft a set of 4 emails that position YOU as the expert you are (and get people excited to make a purchase with you!) Value: $2,100
  • Set up a ready to rock automated email system. (Connecting with your audience will never feel so seamless!) Value: $500
  • Create your long-form sales page for a key offer you want the world to know about. (SPOILER ALERT: This is where the magic happens—and where your audience gets to whip out their credit card and say YES YES YES to what you’re offering!) Value: $2,025

Did Someone Say BONUSES?!

BONUS 1: A 1-year membership to SizzleForce Marketing Club (SAY WHAT?! The SAME club with 2 hours of mastermind time with Stephanie and other like-minded, hard-working, entrepreneurial SBO's... EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH?! #Winning) Value: $1,164

BONUS 2: Another 2-hour, private, virtual strategy session with Stephanie after the Crash Course, so once you get back to your office and real life hits you in the face, you stay focused on profit-generating tasks. Value: $750

BONUS 3: Access to our private Facebook group. This will be home base as you continue to take big leaps to grow your biz. Value: $500

The Investment:

If you were to hire the SizzleForce Marketing Team to do all of this work for you, it would cost more than $12,000. However, when you're willing to come to San Diego and sink your teeth into your to-do list with our step-by-step support, you'll save as much as 70% off the done-for-you price.

Knock your marketing to-do's off your list, FOR GOOD!

Remember, we are only selling 12 tickets to this event! (wink, wink to all my procrastinators out there!)

What Others Are Saying:

Buckle up, baby! It's time... RIGHT NOW... to get more clients and make more money...

And to do that, you need to leave the excuses at the door. To (finally) nail down your marketing strategy. And to move copywriting from your to-do list to your DONE list. (OH YES!)

The Strategic Copywriting Crash Course is not your average snore-fest workshop that leaves you with a never-ending to-do list. This Crash Course is all about getting stuff done, alongside a small group of your entrepreneurial peers (registration will close as soon as we have 12 people).

Give us two days, and we'll give you an unprecedented level of clarity and confidence in your marketing strategy (yes, really!). And, your key marketing assets will be written, designed, and ready to share with the world. #DoneAndDone

About The Location (And The Food... Can't Forget The Food)

The University Club is the pre-eminent club for social and business connections in the greater San Diego area. Crowning the San Diego Symphony Towers, also often referred to as the University Club Towers, in the heart of beautiful downtown San Diego, this spectacular Club will host our two day event in style. This picture is of the 1896 Boardroom, your home away from home. Notice the cushy chairs... we like to learn in comfort. Also notice the spectacular windows overlooking the gorgeous San Diego skyline.

The best of the west will find its way onto your plate and into your mouth during our 2-day Crash Course, courtesy of Executive Chef Lance Repp. Raised in Canton, Ohio, Lance favors the finest in sustainable & local ingredients. Lance's star studded career includes such favorites as Tom Ham's Lighthouse, La Valencia Hotel & Rancho Valencia, as well as time with the gold medal-winning 2004 U.S. Olympic Culinary Team. Your registration fee includes a light breakfast, delicious lunch, afternoon pick-me-up snacks and all-day beverages on both days of the conference. 

The total value of the Strategic Copywriting Crash Course exceeds $12,000... but you're going to get in for as little as $3,497.


Hi, I'm Stephanie!

I'm the CEO of SizzleForce Marketing, a strategic copywriting agency in San Diego. Since 1995, I've been developing brand-building campaigns that have been used by some of the largest brands in the world, including Starbucks, Quicksilver, and The NFL (just to name a few.) I'm the author of the international best-seller, Absolutely Unforgettable: The Entrepreneur's Guide To Creating A Heart-Centered Brand And Standing Out In A Noisy World as well as the author of several articles in Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine. Over the course of my professional journey, I've taught hundreds of small business owners, like YOU, how to get noticed and attract MORE clients with strategic copywriting. Now it's time for me to teach YOU!

You need clarity around your marketing strategy and messages ... but if you don't have the budget to have someone like us do it for you — or the time and energy to DIY (not to mention the extra cash you'll need to cover costly mistakes), you need to join us! 

This 2-day Crash Course will save you years of headaches and unnecessary expenses! Your SIZZLE-WORTHY strategic copywriting solution is just one click away!


Still have a Q or two? No problem, check out the SAQ's (Should Ask Questions... because friend, QUESTIONS ARE ALWAYS WELCOMED!)

Q: Seriously, do I really need all this stuff?? (Landing pages, emails, lead magnets... blah blah blah... I just want to make money!) A: If you want to grow your business, you absolutely need all this stuff. The marketing landscape has changed dramatically. What worked 5 years ago, or even 1 year ago, doesn't work now. You need to know what does work. And this is it. You can continue throwing your time and money at dated marketing tactics that don't produce an ROI. You can also continue burying your head in the sand when it comes to your marketing, and just hoping and praying the business will come in... OR, you can proactively grow your business with a proven strategy and magnetic marketing messages that motivate people to buy what you sell. At The Strategic Copywriting Crash Course, we're going to help you do just that, so you can confidently take your business to the next level.

Q: Is The Strategic Copywriting Crash Course right for me? A: If you have an established business and sell a product/service that genuinely helps people, and if you're willing to get your hands dirty doing the work and are a decisive action-taker that's in it to win it, then YES! THIS EVENT IS PERFECT FOR YOU! (If this doesn't sound like you, it's probably not a good fit.)

Q: How many people will be at this event? A: Because this is a "get it done" event that requires personal attention from our marketing strategists, copywriters, and designers, we are limiting attendance to no more than 12 people. That's right...we're making time to give you a whole lotta love!  

Q: Will the event be recorded? A: 1:1 strategy sessions with Stephanie will be recorded, but the event itself will not be.  

Q: I can't travel on those dates. Can I participate via livestream? A: No… and trust us, you wouldn’t want to do it that way, either. With our team all hands on deck throughout the event, we want to be able to support you through every stumbling block you have until you achieve the final products your business (and investment) deserves. You gotta show up live to get your sizzle on. (Don't be surprised if you walk away saying it was the best investment you've ever made in your business.) 

Q: What does my registration fee cover? A: Your registration fee includes the cost of your training, hands-on, get-it-done support from our marketing strategists, copywriters, graphic/web page design team, and the setup of one email automation campaign. It also includes a comfy seat in one of San Diego's most coveted executive suites, The University Club and valet parking on both days. In addition, Executive Chef Lance Repp, who created the menu for the 2004 U.S. Olympic Team, and has served as a chef at 3 of San Diego's most celebrated restaurant destinations, will be preparing meals for you both days--a delicious continental breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and all-day beverages. Dinners, lodging and transportation will be at your own expense. Wait until you see the skyline from our suite--you won't find a better view of San Diego! 

Q: Are there any additional costs I should anticipate? A: There are two tools you'll need to purchase separately so we can get your work done while we're all in the same room: LeadPages and ActiveCampaign. If for whatever reason you prefer to stay with your current email service provider and/or landing page builder, you're welcome to take the copy/templates we work on at the event home so you can implement it on your own; however, the price of the registration will not change and we will not offer implementation support. You will only walk out with everything done if you have both of these tools in your toolkit. 

Since we're expecting several San Diego locals to attend, we are not providing hotel accommodations. If you're flying in, rest assured, the University Club is less than 4 miles from San Diego International Airport and there is a hotel for every preference and every budget imaginable. If you need recommendations, please holler!

Q: What is your cancellation/no-show policy? A: Since this event requires us to sign non-refundable contracts guaranteeing your attendence with several vendors, unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds for any reason. If you need cancel, we will give you a one-time opportunity to transfer your ticket to another qualified participant; however, we will not play a role in any agreements of any kind between you and this person. Also, due to the fact that pre-work is required for this event and all attendees will need time to complete it before the live event, transfer requests must be made in writing (email to [email protected]) no later than February 29, 2020. All transfer request must be approved in writing by Stephanie Nivinksus, CEO of SizzleForce Marketing, to be considered valid. There will be no refunds for people who register for the event and fail to show up for any reason.

2 Days + Proven Strategies, Resources and Templates + Pro Support = Your Stuff, DONE!

It’s time to move forward with a marketing plan that oozes confidence and expertise. You bring you. We'll bring the sizzle. Together, we'll make MAGIC!