How To Get More Referrals In 10 Simple Steps

So you’ve built a product or created a service that your customers are crazy about, eh? Awesome. Now, it’s time to get them to tell their friends.

Because we all know the likelihood of closing a lucrative sale skyrockets when a happy customer refers you to someone they know.

The problem is, most people simply don’t get enough referrals. And some, don’t get any referrals at all.

If that’s you, keep reading–you’re just 10 steps away from becoming a referral magnet. Here’s what you need to do to build a rockin’ referral program:

  1. Identify the product or service that you’d like to sell more of.

  2. Create a customer profile that reflects the person most likely to buy the product you identified in #1. Consider all relevant demographics and psychographics, including:

    1. gender

    2. age

    3. income

    4. occupation

    5. marital status

    6. number of children

    7. race

    8. education

    9. values

    10. beliefs

    11. interests

    12. opinions

  3. Determine the percentage of the sale you’re willing to share with the person that refers you to their friend in exchange for getting a sale dropped in your lap. I’ve seen people compensated everything from 5-50% of a sale. But rarely is that in cold, hard cash. Most of the time, it’s a credit for services or additional products. Take a look at what GrouponDropbox and Amazon do if you need a little inspiration. And before you make any final decisions, always, ALWAYS make sure your existing brand advocates find your offer enticing. If they’re not excited about it, they probably won’t share it.

  4. Determine the percentage of the sale you’re willing to share with the person that’s actually pulling out their wallet to buy now that their friend has turned them onto you. Yes, you need to reward both the referrer and the referee. Why? Because when both the referrer and the referee win, YOU win. Way. More. Referrals. Evernote and ThredUp have really nailed win-win-win referral programs.

  5. Identify when people are most likely to refer you to their friends. Is it when they’re entertaining a purchase? After they’ve just completed a purchase? Or? Like they say, timing is everything. Hit people up with your referral program at the right time and you’ll hear some serious cha-ching.

  6. Create a really clear & simple message to promote your referral campaign. Check out the way Last Pass worded their message. There’s no guessing with this program. A confused mind will always say no, so get in the habit of simplifying everything about your referral program. Leave the lengthy contracts on your lawyer’s desk.

  7. Make it super simple for people to refer you. Take another look at how Amazon does it. See how simple they make it to share a referral? In just a couple of seconds you can refer your friends to their service via email, social media or your website. Easy peasy. They don’t make the referral partner come up with email verbiage or an enticing social post…they do it for them leaving the referral partner with just one task–to click the button. Anyone can do that.

  8. Promote your referral program like crazy. List it on every page of your website, add it to your email signature, mention it on your voicemail message, showcase it in your newsletter…you get the idea. Go all the way here.

  9. Remind people about your referral program frequently. You can’t tell ’em once and expect them to remember or act on it. Smart referral programs are promoted again and again and again. Sometimes you’ll remind them electronically. Other times it will be better to bring it up during a phone call.  Talk about it frequently, at various times and in various formats.

  10. Test, analyze, refine–rinse and repeat. The more love you put into perfecting your referral program, the better it will perform. It’s as simple as that.

That’s all there is to it. Now, go do something with what you just learned. Because action is the only thing that will move your business forward.

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