Stephanie’s Background

Stephanie Nivinskus has developed and executed business-building solutions for more than 20 years. Prior to opening SizzleForce, Inc., Stephanie earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. She then climbed her way up the corporate marketing ladder working at The San Diego Reader, The San Diego Union-Tribune, and Cox Interactive Media.  In 2000, she left her corporate management position to start a marketing studio that serviced the needs of non-profit Christian organizations.  In 2003 she was invited to consult for The Body Shop at Home, a division of international bath and body retail chain, The Body Shop.  For more than 5 years she was amongst the top 1% of performers in the company. In 2008, her story “Confessions of a Former MLM Snob” was published in Chicken Soup For The Network Marketers Soul.  Shortly after The Body Shop was acquired by L’Oreal, she launched SizzleForce,Inc. Since 2009, Stephanie has helped hundreds of small companies make a big impact in the marketplace with smart strategies, unforgettable copywriting and innovative brand management services.

Stephanie’s Signature Spin

Stephanie has a unique approach to marketing. She strongly believes every single company has something very special at their core–a story that sets them completely apart from their competition and deeply resonates with their ideal clients.
A trained journalist, Stephanie approaches every marketing project like a reporter. She digs and digs and digs a little more, until she uncovers your story–the juicy, compelling details that your ideal clients cannot resist.  The story that illustrates the heart and passion behind your company. This story becomes the foundation of everything else she and the SizzleForce, Inc. team does for you.

How Stephanie Can Serve You

At SizzleForce, Inc., Stephanie serves as the lead brand strategist and copywriter. She’s the person that hunts down your competitive advantage, uncovers your unforgettable story and then, assembles and manages the strategic and creative team that shares your company with the world.  She’s also your contact. You will rarely if ever, talk with anyone else on the team. Stephanie will deal with that so you can focus on doing what you do best.
Stephanie has been married to her husband Kevin for 16 years. Together, they have four fabulous children. She lives in the suburbs of San Diego, where she is most often found writing and sharing stories.