20 Takeaways From Traffic & Conversion 2017 You Need To Know

20 Takeaways From Traffic & Conversion 2017

My brain is going to explode. Well, at least that’s how it feels.

I just returned from 3 days at the 2017 Traffic & Conversion Summit, presented by Digital Marketer.

There were 4,200 marketers in this room.

This is the “who’s who” event of digital marketing. Take one look around and you’ll see peeps like the inventor of infomercials (yes, seriously) and one of Shark Tank’s Original Sharks, Kevin Harrington. You’ll also see the world’s highest return on investment Facebook Ads Strategist, Nicholas Kusmich and the world’s leading e-commerce expert, Ezra Firestone. And then there’s the “Queen of Facebook,” Mari Smith and the top dogs at Hubspot, Google, and of course, Ryan Deiss and the geniuses that make up the Digital Marketer team.

Here I am with Nicholas, the go to guy for Facebook ads.

I have never been in a room with so many brilliant people at one time. And it was…awesome.

I’m fairly certain I took nearly 100 pages of notes. My hand hurts from writing and my fingers hurt from typing. However, because I really, really love you, I’m going to subject myself to major fingertip callouses as I continue tapping away at my keyboard. The stuff I learned over the last three days is just too good not to share with you, right now.

There’s no way I can cover all of the brilliant tips I learned in this one blog; however, I do want to share 20 takeaways from the Traffic & Conversion Summit 2017. Here goes:

  1. People buy things that tell others, and remind themselves, who they are. That’s why millions (billions?) of dollars are spent every year on bumper stickers that say things like “I love chihuahuas” and license plate frames that say “I’d rather be running” and such.
  2. If you want to silence the skeptic, tell them a story. Even they can’t resist an engaging story.
  3. The main purpose of social media and email marketing is to get people to engage in conversations with you. Not to sell.
  4. On Facebook, you can prompt people to engage with you immediately via by messenger when sharing the link m.me/sizzleforce (obviously you’ll replace sizzleforce with your page name)
  5. Keep it simple, sweetheart. This applies to everything you do in marketing.
  6. Sell a product online? Add the checkout with Amazon option. People trust Amazon and it makes it so easy for them to buy from you with 1-click ordering.
  7. 80% of your success with Facebook ads comes from the image you use.
  8. Long Facebook ad copy wins every time. Make your Facebook ad copy read like a social post. In other words, make it long.
  9. To find a market opportunity, look at negative reviews on Amazon and friends. See what people are complaining about and create what they want instead.
  10. P’interest is visual search engine, not a social platform. Captitalize on it! And if you think this platform is just for people planning weddings, think again. 50% of women in the US on are it. It’s the fourth largest traffic driver in the US. And on average, P’interest users spend 2x as much as those on Facebook and Instagram. WOW!!
  11. Want more Facebook engagement? Get emotional. There are 8 emotions that drive engagement on social media:
    1. when you help your audience be “in the know,”
    2. when you comfort them
    3. when you connect with them
    4. when you entertain them
    5. when you make them feel good
    6. when you inspire them
    7. when you update them
    8. when you help them find something they want
  12. If you make people happy, you will make more money. That being the case, there’s never been a better time to check your customer happiness meter and make corrections if needed.

    Mari Smith sharing about the importance of keeping people happy in business.

  13. TrendWatching.com is a great tool to use when you want to track trends in your industry.
  14. Facebook messenger gets 3.7x more opens and 8.7x more clicks than email.
  15. Stop using words. Start using emojis. You can now order a pizza from Domino’s by texting them the pizza emoji. For real.
  16. If you’re struggling to come up with the cash needed to grow your company, give away equity to people that can help you, instead. And no, we’re not talking about Mr. Wonderful. There are many lawyers, developers, manufacturers and so on that will happily work with you directly–no Mr. Wonderful needed–and trade services for equity in your promising idea. (This tip came straight from the original shark on Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington.)
  17. People gaze at video content 5x longer than they look at static content on Facebook. That said, you must agree to push your fear aside and publish Facebook videos–starting today.
  18. Before you publish any blog, ad, social media post or whatever, do a C.U.B. review. Check to make sure it’s not:
  19. If you want to stand out in a crowded, overly-automated market, be the human.
  20. Stop building a million marketing bridges half way–they get you nowhere. Instead, build one bridge at a time.

My head is still spinning from all that I learned. I have a boatload of cutting-edge strategies and tactics to share with my private clients. And man oh man, I have a lot of work to do on my own stuff, too! It’s time to implement this awesomeness, baby! Because like the awesome hockey player Wayne Gretzky once said, “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

What are you going to implement today that your future self will thank you for?

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  1. Great tips, Stephanie! I’m going to work with Patti to implement some of these ideas. Thanks for sharing!

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